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Mixing the ethos of US Fraternities with that of a quintessential Gentleman to create a legacy through social networking.

Mixing the ethos of US Fraternities with that of a quintessentialGentleman to create a legacy through social networking.

The Fraternity & Co, through our Privy Events portfolio, aims to throw the best parties, pop-ups and events, on a weekly and monthly basis in London's finest, underutilised real estate – giving fellows readymade meet-ups, evenings and events specifically crafted for your consummate pleasure.

The Fraternity & Co will provide members with the 'Keys to London' through our daily listings aimed at delivering premium services: Breakfast Club, Sir Lunch a Lot, Supper Club and Le Bon Viveur. Each category will be personalised to your taste and demands to deliver daily AN/PRDBOs throughout London.

There are 12 leagues of Gentlemen (Houses): Merlin, King Arthur, Lancelot, Gawain, Percival, Galahad, Tristan, Aglovale, Bors, Lamorak, Kay, and Bedivere. You will be selected for one of these at random. In the spirit of bonhomie & camaraderie we urge you to establish yourself early on through participation, either via your career/a skillset, the forums, events, joining a team or just 'being yourself'.

The Faternity & Co aims to be a global fraternity with worldwide chapters and lodges,with the aim of fostering its Esprit de Corps,and so stimulating an appetite for self-development by utilising the absolute best-in-class coaches,speakers,mentors and peer-to-peer learning