What is the Founding Fellowship?

We are building a fraternity of modern Gentlemen by reaching out through social media. We believe this is the best way to build a modern fraternity that is reflective of our core ethos, as set out in our 'Esprit de Corps': Fraternitas, Gentlemen, help one another.

The spirit of The Fraternity & Co is brotherhood and is based on a single premise: giving back. We exist to 'help one another' to be better human beings – defined, in our case, as Gentlemen.

Our journey with The Fraternity & Co begins as Gentlemen apprentices, and ends with the acknowledgement of our peers, through participation, engagement and the reputation algorithm: as Gentlemen.

In creating The Fraternity & Co we combined 2 venerable traditions: The Gentleman & Fraternity. This was an important step in creating a new type of brand for the marketplace. The final element however is technology, we believe modern brand should no longer be static or bound by boundaries.

The Fraternity & Co aims to create an online and offline space for modern gentlemen. That is what the Founding Fellowship is about, we are initially bringing together12'000 Gentlemen who will have equity in the brand through Legacy & Founding Fellowships. Influence in shaping what a modern gentleman is through our incoming reputation algorithm, and contribute offline through 12 houses and our product lines.

Everything The Fraternity & Co associates itself with will be 1st class; that is our pledge to our Legacy and Founding Fellows, and it begins with the first product we bring you.

This journey that we are about to embark on together will take time to implement, but we ask that you bear with us in what will be slow but steady progression towards creating something we can all be proud of: The Fraternity & Co.