Why Polo Shirt?

Polo shirts representing status have always been de rigueur; a fashion staple and a fashion statement. They represent you, your lifestyle and aspirations. The polo shirt is a modern man’s staple steeped in heritage, and since the 30's, every 2 decades, has introduced a new innovative polo shirt brand, culminating in today’s market place for premium polo shirts. .

A Short History of Polo Shirt


It all started with Lacoste for the utilitarian purpose of tennis


Fred Perry added a sartorial edge & a new market space was born

Ralph Lauren added style,refined & aspiration and today standard were set



Abercrombie added attention to details,modern style and market innovation.


The Fraternity & Co introduces old world luxury, values of Gentleman and Technology

A Cut Above

Luxury is the process, the deconstruction, the rebuilding, the tireless perfectionism to make a product and give it an inestimable quality that translates in the real world to something extraordinary, a must have…

Luxury is nuanced and composed of many instances, tangible and intangible:

The first time you receive your box…

The opening…

The rustle of the tracing paper…

Your welcome sleeve…

The feel of the fabric…

The embroidered peregrine falcon…

The sartorial cut…

Trimmed vented hems…

Timelessness of the buttons…

Deconstructing the heritage of the polo shirt took us to an essentially overlooked feature: the button, which we've used to make this polo shirt a true luxury item.

The buttons are crafted by a 350-year-old company in a process that hasn't changed in a hundred years, age-old craftsmanship, taking up to 3 months in production.

The buttons are the signature piece that define the shirt, giving the wearer a regal bearing whilst conveying a sartorial elegance that is timeless: old-world luxury, gentlemanliness, fraternity, and style.

The buttons set you apart, because they’re unusual on polo shirts and so often lead into conversattion as instinctively people know it stands for something.

The Fraternity & Co is an emerging movement that believes in the 'Gentleman' and what it entails to become one through technology, style and peer to peer recognition, rewarding those that are most 'Gentlemanly' with premium lifestyle services: Gentleman's Quality of Life, Keys To London, Privy Events and Butler & Concierge services.

Introducing the first British Polo Shirt to bring market innovation in 67 years. The Legacy polo shirt is a symbolic construct of the fraternity of modern Gentlemen, fusing fashion, technology, and lifestyle services into a 21st century brand with the core aim of improving all our fellowships quality of life.