Basic Benefits


  • Gentleman's Quality of Life, Keys to London, Privy Events, Butler, Concierge, Sartorial Lines.
  • Access, Networking, Privileges, Rewards, Benefits, Discounts & Offers.
  • The Fraternity & Co's 'Reputation' Algorithm.
  • The Networkers, network - we help one another.
  • Equity for 2,000 Legacy Founding Fellows & 10,000 Founding Fellows respectively.

London ranks 10th in the OECD quality of life index in Europe. Regardless of whether you were born with a silver spoon or not you get a lot less for your pound today. Introducing our Gentleman's Quality of Life, whose sole aim is to provide our fellows with a higher than average quality of life through our premium lifestyle enhancers: Keys to London, Privy Events, Butler, Concierge, Sartorial & Product Lines”

12 leagues of Gentlemen

  • 12 Houses based on the legendary 12 Knights.
  • All new Fellows will be randomly placed in one of 12 houses.
  • Fosters Traditions, Fraternity, Allegiance, Esprit de Corps.
  • Competitions, clubs, sportsmanship, charity, volunteering and mentorship.

KEYS TO LONDON are monthly premium free lifestyle services and offers, in and around renown London establishments. These services and offers will be offered by location through the incoming BUTLER APP and by wearing our shirts to designated venues.

Exclusive Online Resources

  • Social Network.
  • Butler App.
  • Concierge Services. (Free from a year of release to Founding Fellows)
  • Personalised context information & lifestyle service.

Exclusive Offline Resources

  • Gentleman's Quality of Life' – approximately 20% of our annual membership shirt revenue is given back
  • to the members to bring people together in the physical world in the form of events.
  • Privy Events – 5 Private weekly pop-up events (Starting September 2019).
  • Meet-ups – Inter-house rivalries, sports, games, cultural events, pubs, bars, and nightlife.
  • Self-Development Events – talks, interviews, videos, forums, coaches, speakers and mentorship programmes.

GENTLEMAN’S ALGORITHM. 2,000 Legacy and 10,000 Founding Fellows have been invited to shape the future of the modern Gentleman, from which a modern Gentleman's algorithm will emerge. This piece of proprietary software will be customised by members' influences, experiences, knowledge and style. In return, and for helping to shape the future of the modern Gentleman, each will receive founder privileges.


  • The first new innovative British polo shirt in 67 years, which will offer the wearer access, networking, privileges, rewards, discounts, benefits & offers throughout London.
  • Serves as our membership fee (£255.00) and is our Gentleman's hallmark.
  • It is currently the most refined polo shirt on the market and comes with a set of buttons that are valuable, collectable and tradable.
  • It is the first of several product lines.

Networking Opportunities

  • The first 2,000 Legacy & 10,000 Founding Fellows make up a 'who's who' of London.
  • Summer Events – Stands at English social season events.
  • Pop-up Events – designed around members' interests.
  • Symposiums – talks, interviews, videos, forums, coaches, speakers and mentors.
  • Daily meet-ups such as career, wine, cigar, music and sports evenings.

The Fraternity & Co, through our PRIVY EVENTS portfolio, aims to throw the best parties, pop-ups and events, on a weekly and monthly basis in London's finest, underutilised real estate – giving fellows readymade meet-ups, evenings and events specifically crafted for your consummate pleasure

Support Systems

“The Fraternity & Co is founded to facilitate and nurture the well-being and happiness of its members”

  • The Butler – first line of support (Learning A.I.).
  • The Concierge – second line of support within App e.g. Yellow Pages/fast-track booking system.
  • Trustees – third line of support; London influencers (Social).
  • Membership – fourth line of support for networking and career opportunities.
  • 12 Houses (Legacies) – fifth line of support friendships and fraternity.

The Fraternity & Co maintains that, as an organisation for the 21st Century Gentleman, one should be entitled to 21st Century ministrations. Therefore, with your help, we are developing a 21st Century Butler App, like current market assistant apps but with more joie de vivre. The point of having a butler is that he is your keys to a city. The butler understands you. It knows what you do, it knows what you like, it knows the people you know, it is aware of your habits, and is confidential to you. A quintessential modern butler powered by modern gentlemen.