The 'Legacy' Polo Shirt


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The Modern Gentleman's Polo du Jour

Introducing the Gentleman's black classically tailored limited edition 'Legacy' polo shirt, a symbolic construct of the league of modern Gentlemen. A distinctive, and beautifully produced polo shirt that takes its lineage from historically revered polo shirts of the past, whilst adding its own modern sartorial charms to the market place. An exceptional polo shirt tour de force, exquisitely packaged and created for modern Gentlemen, as an easy go-to item for when you want to look smart-casual and aims to introduce the wearer to our premium lifestyle services Gentleman’s Quality Of Life, starting in London and eventually around the world. Welcome to the future - A Fraternity of Modern Gentlemen.

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The 'Legacy' Polo Shirt
The 'Legacy' Polo Shirt
The 'Legacy' Polo Shirt
The 'Legacy' Polo Shirt
The 'Legacy' Polo Shirt

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Luxury Details

• Gentleman's Fit
• 100% Combed Cotton
• 230grm/Pique Knit/Pre & garment washed
• 7 Colour chest embroidery
• 2 Limited edition Founding Fellow Buttons set on placket
• Offer 2 Limited edition Legacy Fellow Buttons set on placket
• Japanese Velvet neck taping
• Uneven vented hems with Tyrolean side trims
• Packaging – Outer box, Inner box, Welcome sleeve, Letters, On boarding documents, Charter, and Button Certificate


To celebrate the launch of the full Founding Fellowship; The Legacy Founding Fellows & Founding Fellows. We are offering 100 Legacy Founding Fellowships to the next 100 people that sign up for £155. The Legacy Founding Fellowship is a VIP group of early founders (2000), who'll enjoy and receive additional founding privileges as outlined in the Legacy Founding Fellow Onboarding documents such as 2 shares in TFCo Founders Ltd.


Each of the 10'000 Founding Fellows will be given one share in TFCO Founders Ltd, which is a nominee company holding 10% share in Technological Luxury Ltd, company number 9519235, trading as The Fraternity & Co.

The 1st 2000 members will be able to purchase the 'Legacy' polo shirt at a discounted rate of £155 and receive equity in the business.

The next 3000 members will be able to purchase the 'Legacy' polo shirt at a discounted rate of £205 and receive equity in the business.

The Final 5000 members will be able to purchase the 'Legacy' polo shirt at a £255 and receive equity in the business.

In Honour Of Modern Gentlemen...

Deconstructing the heritage of the polo shirt took us to an essentially overlooked feature: the button, which we've used to make this polo shirt a true luxury item. The buttons are crafted by a 350-year-old company in a process that hasn't changed in a hundred years, age-old craftsmanship, taking up to 2 months in production. The buttons are the signature piece that define the shirt, giving the wearer a regal bearing whilst conveying a sartorial elegance that is timeless: old-world luxury, gentlemanliness, fraternity, and style. The buttons set you apart, because naturally, they’re unusual on polo shirts and so often lead into conversation as people instinctively know it stands for something. We are 21st century, Gentlemen, Gentlemen!.


The Fraternity & Co is putting together a network of avantgarde Gentlemen, by introducing 'fraternity' initially through our sartorial effort; The modern gentleman's polo du jour, and as we scale through developing the modern Gentleman's algorithm. The core ethos of The Fraternity & Co is 'gentlemanliness' this is our raison de etre 'helping one another' through building a digital platform that brings together Gentlemen from across the world, starting with the Founding Fellowship united through clothing by a single color to signify the modern Gentleman. The Fraternity & Co humbly, requests the pleasure of your company in building a fraternity of modern Gentlemen MMXIX.