• The Fraternity & Co maintains that, as an organisation for the 21st Century Gentleman, one should be entitled to 21st Century ministrations. Therefore, with your help, we are developing a 21st Century Butler App to rival assistants such as GOOGLE’S, SIRI, ALEXA and CORTANA.
    • The point of having a butler is that he is your keys to a city. The butler understands you. It knows what you do, it knows what you like, it knows the people you know, it is aware of your habits, and is confidential to you. It will be a quintessential English butler that will come out in 4 stages.
    • The beta BUTLER APP Westminster will learn from the 1st 12’000 Founding Fellowship and then will be followed by Eaton for Charter Fellows and further iterations as we scale. But it is the Founding Fellowships input which will power our BUTLER making it an indispensable gentleman’s tool for the 21st century.
  • Naturally we don’t want to give too much away at this point but suffice to say the major’s have focused on function over form, and they have the means, and historically utility wins not only in function, but also in design & form.
  • These combinations have led us to come up with the term: Technological Luxury, a new visual design doctrine invented by The Fraternity & Co that takes into account social commerce and the way we now effectively communicate with Technology online and offline.
  • It is the sum part of our design philosophy, a lifestyle paradox that will change views of what can be achieved with branding; mixing the traditional with the modern. We will provide a design tour de force, that’s intuitive, and will make users interact more with tech, delivered through our networks, UI, UX, and sartorial & product lines.