Charter – Ad Infinitum


ad infinitum
ungentlemanly conduct.

  • A Gentleman understands that membership is optional, but our standards are not.
  • Sartorially, the Fraternity & Co demands that you’re a guardian of our branded lines, especially the ‘Legacy Polo’ which outright represents membership of the Fraternity & Co.
  • We’re investing a lot in making the shirt a hallmark in the marketplace through allowing members that wear it to get privileges, rewards, benefits, discounts and offers.
  • Ejection
  • I. Agreeing to join the Fraternity & Co means that you agree to be a custodian of your shirt, recognise it as a statement and act accordingly. Those who bring the Fraternity & Co into disrepute whilst wearing the shirt must return the shirt forthwith.
  • II. An appointment will be made with you, and The Butler sent to collect your shirt.
  • III. The Butler App will cease to operate all services with the exception of necessary functions that have been used to maintain household, automated services, bills, subscriptions etc. This will be resolved within 30 days to eliminate any inconvenience to being expelled members.


  • Should an expelled member wish to return to the fold, the Fraternity & Co will consider a written request. The member should demonstrate that he has learned from the experience. We believe in forgiveness, that compassion is a strength, and that we should all help each other to learn and grow through the adventure of life!