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Crowdfunding the modern Gentleman

To build our fraternity of modern gentlemen it was necessary to create a crowdfund, to realise the dream of creating the modern Gentleman’s algorithm. We believe it is the best way to harness social capital to drive the growth of The Fraternity & Co and part of that process is gathering 10'000 Founding Fellows to help define what is a modern gentleman.

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and alternative finance.

What’s in it for you?

Tangible Benefits

Intangible Benefits


Year 1 – August 2018 – Founding Fellowship
(Our Core Focus)

There are 10'000 Founding Fellowships available:

The 1st 2000 members will be able to purchase the ‘Legacy’ polo shirt at a discounted rate of £155 and receive equity in the business. This group are the early adopters that will enable us to fund the building of The Gentleman’s algorithm and create some Privy Events.

The next 3000 members will be able to purchase the ‘Legacy’ polo shirt at a discounted rate of £205 and receive equity in the business. This group are the early majority that will enable us to fund the necessary support services and extend the network reach.

The Final 5000 members will be able to purchase the ‘Legacy’ polo shirt at a £255 and receive equity in the business. This group the late majority will just be hearing of The Fraternity & Co and will enable The Fraternity & Co to scale to Yr2 & Yr3 estimates.

There are about 23 million people interested in posts about the Gentleman on the top 45 Gentlemen’s pages on Instagram which is generating hundreds of millions annually. However, the Gentleman has become an abstract concept littered with misconceptions and no clear interpretation.

The Fraternity & Co intends to outright own the gentleman in the consciousness of the consumer by repackaging, refining and redefining what it means to be a modern Gentleman.

Through the use of developing technology, we are creating an algorithm that rewards Gentlemanliness through a social networking platform that will introduce the membership to what we’ve termed: A Gentleman’s Quality Of Life.

In order to create a new platform for the modern Gentleman, we sought out worldly principles, and are looking for 10'000 Founding Fellows, and have crafted a signature look that would distinguish our fellows in the marketplace. The Fraternity & Co symbolizes this by creating a social network with its own unique product. Fusing social networking and style. We are introducing the first innovative British polo shirt since Fred Perry 65yrs ago.



Why polo Shirts?

It is a market we can disrupt, and the facts are: In the UK branded polo shirts are the top gifting item for men, on birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. A polo shirt is a product that most men have had, understand and can judge the relative values of.

There are no membership fees for joining The Fraternity & Co, you need only purchase our shirt once and this entitles you to the incoming BUTLER & CONCIERGE (2019) and places you in one of our 12 leagues of Gentlemen with like-minded fellows.

The Fraternity & Co will start off on other digital platforms to find Gentlemen to scale i.e. Instagram and Facebook. Members will be informed of news, updates, pop ups, events and parties by email, social media and Telegram.

A key privilege we are building into our shirt is automatic KEYS TO LONDON i.e. we are initially partnering with 30 pubs, bars and nightclubs, which on sight of a member wearing a shirt will extend AN/PRDBO’s i.e. a shirt worn to a partner pub would result in either a free drink, reward (Birthday), discounts (Happy hour), offers (Buy 2 get 1 free) or for a nightclub, privilege (automatic guest listing) reserved for members of The Fraternity & Co.

We will release 12'000 sovereign black limited edition the‘Legacy’ polo shirts. It’s a Gentleman’s black that will give fellows distinction in The Fraternity & Co as well as the marketplace as immediately after the Founding Fellowship is closed we will be changing the shirt colour for the newfellows and the sovereign black shirts will only be available to buy for Founding Fellows for a period of 2 years or more.

Gentlemen, we need your help to scale The Fraternity & Co and therefore our goal is to reward the earliest adopters as you will play an integral part in enabling a GENTLEMAN’S QUALITY OF LIFE and help shape the modern Gentleman’s algorithm. There are many benefits to joining The Fraternity & Co, not least, it gives you access to other Gentlemen to network with socially or professionally.

The Founding Fellowship is the opportunity for men who want to be Gentlemen or are Gentlemen to join us in helping to bring the age of the modern Gentleman forth.