Keys to london


keys to london

  • KEYS TO LONDON are monthly premium lifestyle services, The Fraternity & Co will hold for the fellowship in London that provide a GENTLEMAN’S QUALITY OF LIFE for our fellows at key establishments and venues in London.
  • KEYS TO LONDON will be a free lifestyle service we provide, which in essence gives the user an overview of ‘what’s on’ in The Fraternity & Co London daily. It also features what we call premium lifestyle enhancers that have to be paid for, they’re broken down into these segments:

  • A great social life in London is hard to come by for the professional man. New to London, old to London the marketplace is the same for all, if you're not in the loop, a regular, a member, forget it, London pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs and venues, either operate in the volume business, on a who you know basis, membership, or for the uber wealthy.
  • “The Fraternity & Co, through our privy events portfolio, aims to throw the best parties, pop ups and events, on a weekly and monthly basis in London's finest underutilised real estate – giving fellows readymade meet-ups, evenings, and events specifically created for your consummate pleasure”
  • The Fraternity & Co aim to give our members a high standard of living by bringing together gentlemen from all walks of life to create a fraternity that'll mix the worlds of social networking, fashion, art, film, music, business and finance to create an unrivalled luxury lifestyle experience: Gentleman's Quality of Life.
  • Initially we will only throw a couple of party’s, events and pop ups as the membership scales. In the long run there will be early morning exercises, jogs, runs, yoga with personal trainers. Afternoon lunches, classes, talks, debates and activities. Evening meetups, pubs, bars, restaurants, cinema, theatre and Arts. Weekend events, sports days, and competitions.
  • This is what makes The Fraternity & Co truly unique within the market place, mixing the ethos of US fraternity, with An English Gentleman’s Quality Of Life will make The Fraternity & Co a joy to be part of.
  • “It is the responsibility of a Gentleman to lead an interesting life”