Why polo shirt?

  • It is a market we can disrupt, and the facts are: In the UK branded polo shirts are the top gifting item for men, on birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. A polo shirt is a product that most men have had, understand and can judge the relative values of.

  • A short history of the Polo shirt:

  • The buttons define the shirt and make it look dressier whilst also conveying unequivocal refinement. Compared to our competitors, The Fraternity & Co ‘Legacy’ polo shirt makes a normal buttoned polo shirt look passé. Starting a new trend, led by you: The Founding Fellowship, making the Gentleman instantly recognisable in the market place.

    We believe that the Founding Fellow buttons will be highly sought after, not only because of what they represent, but also because they give Founding Fellows privileges within the network, eventually becoming internationally accepted for Fraternity privileges too.

  • Buttons have been sought since their invention; Kings, Nobles, Countries, and Military have all used them to commemorate important occasions, victories, status, or inaugurations (The George Washington 1789 inaugural button is currently the most collectable button in America.) Buttons from the latter part of the 16th century are worth what collectors will pay for them. Rare and good examples of 18th century buttons are currently going for at least £4,000, and buttons from the 20th century are fetching from £5.

  • For the first time, a shirt will be an invaluable marketing tool for the wearer rather than just the brand. This is a shirt that has been created to open doors; it is a modern calling card, denotes by-invitation, and has been designed for Gentlemen. It allows the wearer fraternity access, networking, privileges, rewards, discounts, benefits & offers at chosen establishments throughout London, such as designated pubs, bars, restaurants & clubs.